How to Register as a Stake Pool on Cardano Jobs
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How to Register as a Stake Pool on Cardano Jobs

How to register as a stake pool on Cardano Jobs and be searchable

Cardano Jobs

January 29, 2021

April 3, 2021
3 min

Cardano Jobs is great for Stake pools to post about their brand and company and get exposure to ADA Holders and Hodlers from around the world. It allows Stake Pool owners to create a profile with more depth and information about your pool and brand. Much more than you can give in a tweet. Secondly it will be really useful to already have a company account set up and active for when you want to grow your pool. For example, when Hydra and layer 2 scaling arrives, it will be important for various stake pools to cooperate and possibly for form channels.

Sign up

Go to the employer sign up form

employer sign up form on Cardano Jobs

Then make sure you do the following two things:

  • Prefix your Company name with POOL:
  • select the "Are you a Stake Pool" checkbox.

And you are done! Now whenever a user searches the companies page for Pool, they will see you among the list of pools. A great way to increase your exposure to your future delegators. And best of all, it's completely free!