The Cardano Community is World Class
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The Cardano Community is World Class

An introduction to the Cardano Community and their incredible spirit

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January 26, 2021

April 3, 2021

Cardano is arguably one of the strongest contenders as the platform of choice for creating a global decentralised DApp or service. As it has incredible technology, written from the ground up with peer reviewed papers supporting it’s innovation. Solid developer experience and infrastructure which is only just getting started. But maybe the most crucial point is the community that has been built around it.

In a world where everyone wants to get rich over night and buy a lambo, or wants to scam you out of your coins, it can be tough to build a real, vibrant and auto-improving community. Only few communities have managed to that. Arguably one of the best is Cardano.

How can we tell?

Stake Pool Quantity and Quality

Well first we can look at how the autonomous the community has become at achieving consensus . Ever since the launch of shelley (allowing for the community to achieve consensus by proof of stake) the community has managed to set up 1397 active stake pools at the time of writing. Moreover, this will only increase in time as the protocol has been intelligently designed in order to increase the number of stake pools by changing the incentive mechanisms for delegators (this is called the k parameter).

This basically means that if a pool becomes to big, you will make more money by delegating your stake to a smaller pool! This is a great case for decentralisation over time.

A protocol where the consensus mechanism is being controlled by thousands of participants is way more flexible and resistance then one controlled by few (like bitcoin and other protocols).

Moreover, by having many stake pools you are effectively creating a of technical and financially independent workforce. It will be this workforce that will research and implement layer 2 scaling solutions like HYDRA.

You can find more about the Staking and the road ahead below:

Social Channels

Secondly Cardano has a large following on Telegram, where the main community channels are

All of the Groups are have a lot of helpful ambassadors and admins that will answer your questions.

Decentralised Funding

A huge factor to the success of an ecosystem and it’s community is if the community itself can get funding from the protocol (yes that’s right, the protocol, not some venture capitalist) directly. Thanks to the wizardry of Charles Hoskinson and the rest of IOHK, that is exactly what has been created at Cardano. The project is called Voltaire.

Every 4 to 6 weeks, Anyone can submit a “Ballot” which is basically an idea or project that will help the cardano ecosystem. Then the community and the ballot proposers work together to form refine and improve the proposol. After a few weeks the community get to see the final and revised form of the Ballot and they get to vote on their favourite ideas. Early Voters even get paid in ADA to vote!

You can see the Voting platform in action at ideascale. Note that at the moment we are at fund 3 where there is $750,000 to be funded. Eventually the cardano protocol will be releasing millions of dolloars in ADA out every month. This wil provide considerable and sustainable growth to the protocol and it’s community.

You can see the winners of Fund 2 here.

So if you aren’t already a fan of Cardano, then what are you waiting, there are 101 ways to get involved, from delegating to staking, or getting a job directly in the cardanosphere.