Welcome to Cardano Jobs Beta
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Welcome to Cardano Jobs Beta

An introduction to Cardano Jobs. The place for finding jobs that work on or around the Cardano blockchain protocol

Cardano Jobs

August 26, 2020

May 10, 2021
5 min read

Today, January 29th 2021, we are excited to introduce Cardano Jobs. This is a platform dedicated for any product or service that will interact with the Cardano blockchain protocol. The aim of this platform is to have one place for lovers and believers of ADA to co-ordinate and find meaningful and rewarding careers in a project they truly care about.

For many people Cardano is not just another blockchain. If you have listened to Charles Hoskinson then you understand the long term vision of the project and how it will try to solve real problems for real people. This is why we have taken the time to build a job board dedicated to the Cardano community and the companies that will build and thrive on top of it. Job Seekers and employers can enjoy a feature rich hiring experience.

Job Seekers can:
  1. Log in with social (Google and LinkedIn)
  2. Upload resume
  3. Search jobs
  4. Search companies
Employers can:
  1. Search Resumes
  2. Find talent already passionate about Cardano
  3. Post non-featured jobs for free
  4. Create their company profile
  5. Browse and form partnerships with other companies in the space
  6. Use our inbuilt application form to handle job submissions (no need to build your own)
  7. Track their applicants progress with our Kan-ban style applications manager
  8. Get analytics on how your jobs are performing

Early Bird Freebee

While the job board might be a bit empty at the start, we expect the ecosystem to really flourish in 2021. Hence, to thank you for your eagerness and entrepreneurship we are giving away 1 featured job post to the companies that sign up during our Beta Launch so that you can use them when the time comes to scale your own business.